GOMEN! I have been a bit distracted lately by other things which has caused my anime watching to fall behind! In episode 6 we get to see the girls in their school uniforms!! haha They’re so cute! I must admit, I’m kind of liking that girl from the other inn. Couldn’t believe what she suggested to Ohana! Overall though, I wasn’t too impressed by episode 6. The new “uniforms”!! Ghastly!!!

Episode 7 was MUCH MUCH better and is by far my favourite episode yet!! Tomoe steals a lot of the limelight and is the focus here but that’s ok cos we get to hear Mamiko’s voice!!!! *SQUEAL* It’s also a funny episode where she’s trying to get fired and so does not hesitate to try and make life hell for the guests. I CRACKED up when she said:

Drop your cocks and grab your socks, ladies!!!

HAHAHA!! Is that translation correct!?! Surely she did not say that!?! Finally, best of all was when Ohana and Nako calls Tomoe “onee-san”!!! OOOH la la!! *YURI ALERT* hahaha A must watch episode!!!