I always had a soft spot for this particular scene. It’s the scene in Marimite season 3 OVA 1 where Yumi is at Sachiko’s summer house and is asked to go wake up her dear onee-sama. It’s a very short segment but I always felt that it was an intense yuri scene. I felt like that beyond the words spoken, there is a very strong hint of love and desire that Yumi was unconsciously suppressing. The way that the anime paused on the lips, on Sachiko’s face and hands…hahaha Am I over thinking it? Well here is my not so perfect translation. I hope you guys like it!! Let me know what you think!

Btw, you can find the video clip here. You can start playing at 8:10.


“Leave it with me!” (Yumi said this to the housekeeper)

Yumi confidently placed her hand on her chest and proceeded to run up the stairs.

I will get to see onee-sama.

While standing outside the door, Yumi tried to contain the fluttering excitement in her chest. After taking a deep a breath, she knocked on the door.


Just a few hours ago, they were spending time together, yet already, Yumi was looking forward to seeing her onee-sama. This may all be a bit weird but Yumi has never felt bored when spending time with her onee-sama. If it was possible, she would love to be by her onee-sama’s side at all times. That’s why she was very happy that she will be able to see her onee-sama just that little bit earlier as a result of this task.


As there was no answer, Yumi knocked again but it remained quiet inside.


The door was not locked so Yumi gently pushed open the door and whispered between the small opening but there was still no answer. 

Although Yumi agreed to this task without much thought, this was indeed an important task.

Yumi decided to enter the room and although she did say “shitsure shimasu”, it was so soft that it was unlikely that Sachiko onee-sama heard.

Covered in a thin sheet, the sleeping beauty in the forest was in a deep sleep and with her long black hair resting on her face and arm, her already clear complexion looked even more translucent.

The image that was before Yumi’s eyes was just too pretty – it was like an art piece. Yumi was going to reach over to wake up onee-sama but stopped midway.


To put it this way probably somewhat disagrees with the original situation but it suddenly felt like the situation had turned into ‘the imouto attacks the onee-sama that’s sound asleep’. 

With hands on her chest, Yumi was thinking, luckily Tsutako was not around otherwise she would definitely be snapping away on her camera. She would then skillfully persuade Yumi. Finally, the pictures would be displayed on an enormous board at the school festival, all for others to enjoy. 

~Soft groan~

Sachiko oneesama turned over. This will not do. I cannot just stand here forever staring at oneesama just because she is too pretty. That will qualify me to join those that are considered mentally abnormal.

“Oneesama, oneesama.”

Yumi did not know where it was appropriate for her to touch so she decided to try shake oneesama’s shoulder to wake her up.

~Tired groan~

“It’s already morning now. Please wake up.”

Sachiko oneesama did not seem to awake and she pulled the covers over her head.

“The fresh bread that Mr. Sawamura has brought back will turn cold. There are also the egg omelettes that Mrs. Sawamura has made.”

“I’m not going to have breakfast. Let me sleep for a little while more.”

“No. I want to have breakfast with oneesama.”

Although it was a bit rude of her, Yumi still took away the blanket. Sachiko oneesama’s pajamas was a sleeveless night dress and she laid curled up like in the shape of the word く. The pajamas were a light pink colour.

“Please get up.”



“I know. I will get up now.”

Sachiko oneesama finally gave up resisting, brushed away her hair and sat up. Although her brows were ruffled, she still carefully put on her slippers.



“I will be down in 5 minutes.”


As Yumi watched her oneesama move her hand towards the shoulder strap, she finally realised what her oneesama meant – I need to get changed now. Please leave.

“Then I will wait for you downstairs.”

Yumi rushed out of the room. 

Baka baka baka baka baka! How can I be so stupid!?

How could I have just stood there like that? Yumi laughed at herself and with her face all red, she began walking down the stairs.