I haven’t watched a Jdrama in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time!!! After checking my records, the last drama I watched was Keizoku 2 in December 2010. -__- Oops…it wasn’t THAT long ago! haha

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of Ryoko! I first watched her in Anego where she played the older love interest of Jin Akanishi!!! A must watch Japanese romantic comedy drama!!

Anyway, this is a “let’s go save the day” kind of drama. Ryoko Shinohara plays Shinko Tsutsumi who is a swindler out on parole. She’s meandering on the streets with little money until her swindling instincts are triggered by the presence of a wealthy old man. She tries to swindle money out of him but fails and finally decides to head home. The next morning, the old man appears at her home and enlists her to join the government department “Board of Audit” whose purpose is to discover and expose the inappropriate usage of public funds. She is strong and refuses to conform to the rules. Due to her past, she refuses to back down because of the threat from a higher power. She basically kicks ass!!!!

Oh and guess what!?! She is 38 in this movie and she’s had a kid!!! AMAZING!!!!!