Ok the name of this anime is way too long!!! I’m going to just call it “C” going forward. Anyway back to the anime. I didn’t know what to expect so there was definitely no form of expectations.

I started off highly confused and at the same time I noticed the art was very decent. It turns out that certain individuals are invited to “The Financial District” by some scary clown looking person, Masakaki, where it is a dimension that offers you money but in return you have to take on fights/challenges in the dimension and your future is taken as collateral!?! Something like that! I haven’t quite caught on yet!

In episode 1, Masakaki approaches Kimimari entrance to The Financial District. He is a self motivated student who is working on two part-time jobs to support himself. He is not greedy and just wants a stable future and therefore refuses the offer. The next day he finds 500,000 yen in his account! He is tempted and withdraws 10,000 yen. Suddenly, he his taken to the Financial District…

The anime is interesting enough so far…I’ll keep watching but warning – it’s SCARY!!!