LOVE this show!!! The animation is breathtaking. Just like GOSICK! But it’s actually even better because it has serious character development! Ohana reminisces to the days when her mother taught her one thing:

Never rely on someone else.

Believe only in yourself.

What a harsh lesson to learn at such a young age!! Ohana does not disappoint though. She shakes up Minko and Nako and confronts them! She’s so cute!! One minute she’s telling them off and in another minute, she’s saying “but right now I’m still angry at you!! What food do you not like to eat? I’m going to cook it for breakfast tomorrow and you’ll have to eat it!!” I paraphrased of course!! Her image is a contrast to her actual strong character. I love it!! I LOVED the bit where she copied Minko and told the guy to “Die”!! HAHAHAHA This show is a must see!!!!

Oh and the little twist with the writer was pretty funny!! He really needs a good kick up his @#&^$#*!!!! HAHAHA