So I started the episode with expectations of a pretty slice of life anime that would give me a peaceful 20 minutes of relaxation with some laughs in between but what did I get!?! Yes, the art is no doubt quite striking but don’t let the face of Ohana (the main girl) trick you! She may look innocent, sweet and weak with her two flowers in her hair but she is the opposite!!!

She lives alone with her mother who appears somewhat useless as a mother! Ohana seems to be the one running the household and is told one night that her mother must run off with her boyfriend as the debt collectors are after him!! I’m like you’re kidding me!?!! -_-” But rather than joining them in their midnight run, her mother sends her off to her grandmother that runs a hot spring inn. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? WRONG!! The old lady turns out to be a nightmare!! I’m also furious at how she treats Ohana and the other girls at the inn!!! RAWR you!!! If I was a customer and I knew that the inn was being run that way, I would never return!!!! I feel sorry for Ohana but I like her character. She’s strong!!! GO GIRL!!!

*calms down*

Ok…so back to the positives. There are other girls at the inn – three in total. There’s Minko (dark haired) who is WEIRD!!! I figured she’d be a tsundere but she is extreme! Then there’s Tomoe, the head waitress, who appears to be super nosy and guess what!? She’s voiced by Mamiko Noto!! Haha I could barely recognise her voice at first cos she sounded so energetic and so unlike her usual characters!! hahaha The characters all generally come across as a bit complex. I wonder what story unfolds…This definitely wasn’t quite what I expected but I’m not complaining.

One quote that I liked:

I was quite happy in the tunnel, but now that we’re out, I can’t help feeling excited!!

That’s right!! We should always look for more!! There’s heaps of excitement waiting for us out in this world!! Go and find it!!!