When I first gave it a go, I was immediately put off by it. Honestly, I started making a face 15 seconds in. I didn’t like the art (BIG FLASHING WORD “LOLI” on my screen) and the quality of the video and subs were not that great either. I very quickly turned it off.

HOWEVER!! I have since received multiple messages (whether by comments or by Meebo) to tell me that I must give this anime a go. I even spotted Erica saying that on Twitter and a few online friends squealing openly. FINE – I must give this another shot! I promised at least 3 episodes and am now up to episode 6 and I intend to be up to speed by this weekend. ^_^

Ok, so my thoughts! I actually don’t mind magical girl animes… *PAUSE* As a wrote that one statement my mind went into a blank. I cannot think of any magical girl animes that I like! I never watched Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha as I couldn’t bring myself to watch beyond episode 1 of season 1. I felt like I was watching a magical baby. -_-” Having said that I do like my Mai Otome – one of my favourites! Anyway, back to the topic! LOL

The character designs are definitely more loli than I prefer but the anime is surprisingly serious. You can’t just become a magical girl when offered. You must make a wish and in return you must battle out the witches. The witches aren’t just some useless monster that needs to be killed but are “beings” that targets those in society with emotional weaknesses to bring about their self-destruction. Something happened in episode 3 which was completely unexpected in this kind of anime. It kind of made me go O_O for a second. Plus the soundtrack is AMAZING here (looks at k1y0)!! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard such a moving anime OST!! The music adds a whole dimension of purpose and sacrifice to the anime. After a little while, the loli-ness doesn’t become so obvious anymore. The art pertaining to the witches’ worlds are also quirky – reminds me of art deco and clowns. They contrast harshly (not in a bad way) against the “normal world” and I find it a bit scary actually.

This anime is really a strange mix in my opinion. On the surface it looks like another run off the mill magical girl anime but it’s actually a whole lot more than that. Worth checking it out. Three episodes will be enough to make a decent decision.