Jodi Picoult is a well known author with her most famous work probably “My Sister’s Keeper” but don’t take my word for it because I have actually not read a single book of hers. It has crossed my mind in the past but her books always seemed a tad heavy and full of emotions. I prefer my light reading and to be honest, I just don’t have that much time to read.

Anyway, she just released a new book yesterday called “Sing You Home”. She has chosen a subject that has been quite topical in the US media. The rights of gay people.

The story is about Zoe who failed many times to successfully conceive a child with her husband. Eventually their marriage breaks and they go their separate ways. She focuses on her career as a music therapist and it is at work where she meets Vanessa, a counsellor. They first begin as colleagues, then as friends then finally, as lovers, to Zoe’s surprise. To add a further twist to the story, Zoe’s desire to be a mother resurfaces and she remembers the frozen embryos that she had with her ex-husband stored away. Will her ex-husband let her use the embryo for Zoe / Vanessa’s relationship? It will be a difficult battle as her husband has since found peace in a church that is explicitly against gay rights.

I have never read a book like this and I’m not entirely sure whether I will like it. I’ll give it a go. Let’s see how long this will take me. I’m aiming to write a review post of this book in a month. Wish me luck!!

Does this book interest you? Check out the author’s website. There’s more info!