Usually I’m not a fan of harem shows (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot this season) but this anime has a good balance of pleasant animation (not as nice as GOSICK but some of the art we have seen this season is honestly ARGH!!), nice character designs (I think the girls are all quite pretty), the “onee-sama” factor when all the students squeal over Chifuyu-nee and BEST of all the voices of Youko Hikasa and MEGUMI TOYOGUCHI!!! SEI!! How I miss that voice!!!! The guy is also surprisingly not that annoying and actually seems decent! I reckon this one is almost a must watch! The harem factor got a tad over the top in episode 3 but by episode 4 it looks like we’re getting a more serious storyline coming through. The mecha fighting scenes are done quite kakkoi too! This is def worth giving it a go!!