I never intended to watch this anime honestly but k1y0 recommended me this one saying it’s one of the best animes this season. I vaguely recall reading a synopsis about it and wasn’t all that thrilled but aside from Hourou Musuko, not much was grabbing my attention so I gave it a shot.

This anime was not bad at all!! hahaha The art is pretty decent and that plays a huge part for me. Crappy anime just puts me off – probably so even if it was yuri!! You have a blonde hair alien landing on earth and randomly sharing some guy’s apartment. In some unexpected way, they kind of become friends. Problem is, this alien has lost his memory so has no idea where he should go or what to do. He’s pretty funny! hehehehe Anyway, I won’t spoil it but there’s a bit of a revelation in episode 3! hahahaha I intend to keep watching if I have time.