Yep! It’s as good as what others are say it is!! The art is just quite breathtaking. It resembles Aoi Hana in the use of soft water colours and it’s all just very pretty. Sakura is regularly used in the backdrop. ^_^ The character designs are simple and cute although I did get a tad confused at the start – especially once Shuichi started dressing up as a girl!! In any case, for those who are new to the story and did not read the manga, you will probably be a little confused by who all the people are. Just a quick question for those who have watched this – who is the lady that brings Yoshino a boy’s uniform? It’s not her mum right!?

Yoshino and Shuichi both have desires to be the other sex. I’m looking forward to the development in the story. It’s about time we had such a beautiful anime to watch! Must say that the opening and closing theme songs are a bit of a disappointment. *sigh* Can’t have everything! *goes off to watch Aoi Hana’s OP*

Those who haven’t watched this MUST give it a go!!!