Yurikai has released the first scanlated chapter of a new yuri manga series “Nobara no Mori no Otometachi”!!! WOW! Talk about a great start to 2011!! We’ve been blessed with TWO new yuri manga series in the one week and they BOTH look very promising!! Just in case you missed it, the one that I’m talking about is Mousou Honey! Back to this one here, we have two childhood friends who are starting their first year at Lillian’s Girl Academy…Oops I meant Otowa’s Girl Academy. hehe They’re very much the same thing! Chapter 1 is giving me a Marimite x Strawberry Panic vibe!!! HEHEHEHE Read it and you should be able to work out why!!! I’m SOOOOO following this one!! Thank you Yurikai!!!

P.S. Oh and the art is very pretty too!!! Got too excited and almost forgot to mention that!! :P