I have been behind on this anime like in many things and finally found time in the last few days to watch episodes 6 to 11. I can’t remember the details of every episode but I love this anime!! It’s not the supernatural theme that I like but more about the character development of Yakumo and the amazing soundtrack. The pieces are moving and just overwhelms you with emotion. I am definitely buying this OST!!! It’s expensive though!!! Aaaaaah!! I haven’t bought an OST in a while so…here we go!!!! X_X

There were two stories that really made me tear. I’m sure I cried more than that but I’ll focus on the major tear jerkers.

*Warning!! Spoilers ahead!!*

The first was when Yakumo realized the true story about his mother. She never hated him and had loved him when he was a child! Awwww It was such a heartwarming episode and look at cute little Yakumo!!!!

Then the other episode was when his uncle died and left Nao behind. Thinking about is almost making me cry. However the climax to me was when it flash backed to Yakumo during his rebellious days when we see his uncle saying he will endure the same pain as Yakumo by wearing a red eye. I really liked Isshin as a character. The mellow and righteous character well supported by the perfect voice.

We have only 2 episodes to go. The question that remains is what is that man? Is he a ghost? If so how is he killing people??? I’m definitely going to finish this anime.