The anime has been adding a lot more tension between Agemaki and Zakuro. They CLEARLY feel something for each other. Just waiting for one of them to make the first move. It’s funny how those nosy servants are hassling Zakuro all the time. hahaha

Anyway, just as I was thinking how it was starting to turn a tad boring (we never got much further on Zakuro’s mysterious past), it turns out that the dashing cool guy that was always polite and paid a tad more attention to Zakuro is somehow linked to the spider lady that appeared in the previous episodes!? This has pulled me back to the anime. I hope things get cracking soon but then usually once the two get together (Zakura x Agemaki), it’ll probably get even more boring!!!

I hope there are some good animes in the next season!!!! I’ll write a quick post shortly on what I have spotted so far…