Ok I must admit that for the last week I have been listening to Sphere’s Moon Signal (the opening theme song for this anime) SOOOOO many times!!!

Anyway, this episode was kind of cute. It’s very much about Susukihotoru and Riken. They look pretty good together! hahaha In fact it’s more than what meets the eye. On their mission in this episode, we learn that her power is not just the chanting but she has the ability to empathize with objects and people. She comes in contact with a katana (a Japanese sword) and because it carries with it a very evil power to it, the sword took control of her and she started to kill anyone in her site. Luckily Riken is there to save the day and she finally awakens from the “spell” as she sees his hand dripping with blood. They embrace and Riken completely accepts her power. In fact, as he is a “man of few words”, it’s PERFECT!! HAHA!! Awww I thought that was kind of a sweet scene. I also liked how earlier on, Riken said to her “you can walk behind me”. You have to watch it to understand!! Another sweet moment! Such simple words but the context of it completely made up for it. Another great episode!!

So which do you guys like more?? Riken or Agemaki??