Jo is right. Whilst the first three episodes were quite captivating, they were formulaic in style too. Finally this episode breaks the pattern a little or at least finally brings those sinister characters into the spot light.

The beginning was like the past episodes. Someone is said to be possessed and brings Yakumo to the scenes to verify. This time it’s the chief’s daughter who was the reporter that appeared earlier. She had been following the story of the series of young girls being murdered.

In the course of this episode, we discover that Yakumo’s distant and isolated character stems from not only his strange eye but his mother. Apparently when he was young she had tried to kill him and when failed to achieve that, has since disappeared. Haruka is surprisingly no shy girl!! hahaha She supports him and he gradually accepts her! YAY!!

Just when we think things are going probably a bit to cheery for this series, the sinister looking guy with two red eyes appear…it sounds like Haruka will be in danger!!! AAAAAAH!! I want the next episode!!! It’s too long of a wait!!!