Warning: I suggest you to not continue reading if you are easily scared (pansy!), and will drive on your own at night…I’m referring to you Sapphire onee-chan!! :P

Just when I though this anime isn’t all that creepy, the opening scene was like *GASP*!!! Honestly, on the whole this anime isn’t all that freaky but there are just an odd scene or two where they’re a BIT creepy. Luckily I don’t drive at the moment so I’m not too fussed. PHEW!!

In this story, there is a haunted tunnel but that is surprisingly not the central focus of this episode. A reporter takes a photo to Yakumo’s detective friend and in it is a clear ghost-like image of a little boy next to a car repair garage. Turns out that the garage is more than meets the eye is known for being involved with shady dealings. As long as you can pay up the cash, the guy will do whatever. Mr. Detective ropes in Yakumo to investigate and as expected, the little boy’s corpse is found buried near the garage. The little boy takes his revenge and leads the guy that killed him into a tunnel intending to kill him in a crash. Yakumo and the detective manages to stop the car from crashing but it turns out that the spirits in the haunted tunnel are capable of consuming the little boy. Yakumo tries to save him but it’s too late. He cannot do anything and watches the boy disappear before his eyes. He breaks down in tears. Awwww Haruka should just run over and give him a great big hug!!

Are many of you guys watching this show?? What other shows in this season are also worth watching!?! (not like I have time to watch anymore but anyway…hahaha)