The laughter continues in this episode but we get a brief hint of seriousness as we learn a bit more about Zakuro’s background and the birth of half-spirits. Half spirits are born by human girls who are “spirited away”. Basically called away by a spirit and they return pregnant. Typically these girls are looked down on and the “half-spirit” that is born is taken away. Zakuro’s mother was spirited away twice and never returned.

In this episode she particularly gets worked up when she hears that girls are missing from a particular village. Agemaki is told the background to her story and follows her to the village to investigate. Short story is that they find some ugly monster eating these missing girls. They’re not actually being spirited away. However, in the backdrop of all this, there are two mysterious women. They seem keen on killing Zakuro. Anyway, all ends well of course and Zakuro even gets to spend the night alone with Agemaki in a tiny room together!!!! As Bonbori and Hozuki says “She’s an adult now!!!!!” hohohohohoho