My first impression… W E I R D ! !

First of all the opening had the characters reenacting famous scenes from movies and characters like Star Wars and James Bond! But you need to remember that these characters are all a bit odd too! Tsukimi is the protagonist (top left hand corner) and is a 18 yr old illustrator. Mamiko is the one in the bottom left hand corner!!!

The first episode introduces us briefly to a bunch of females staying together under some shared complex and it’s women only permitted! These people appear to be unable to gel with society exhibiting a fear of “chic people” and are basically all nerds/otakus to some degree or another. They call themselves “nuns” as they’re all single.

They have one other housemate that has caught my interest. She’s the one that does not show her face and apparently she’a some famous yuri/josei mangaka. At the end if the day there’s meant to be a josei couple that will live in this apartment. That’s nowhere to be in sight but I’ll keep looking. At this stage all we have is a supposedly attractive girl who helps Tsukimi out and ends up crashing at her place overnight and guess what?! She turns out to be a H-E!!

I’ll keep watching…a bit of an oddball but might turn out quite amusing…*fingers crossed*