The blog is now closed and will not accept further access. I’m sorry for having to do this but I wish to keep this blog private. Thank you for understanding.

About over a year ago, I started a private  blog where the intention was to create a personal and safe space that allowed people to share their stories and experiences of friendship or love between girls. Kind of like a reality extension to the whole “yuri” focus of Yasashii sekai… Once in a while we also try to organise movie nights and chat in Skype at the same time but this is typically hard due to everyone’s commitments.

I’ve recently upgraded it so that access is no longer limited to 20 people. Let me know if you are interested in joining our current tight nit group over at “Just her & me

All I need is your wordpress username. If you currently don’t have a wordpress account then just go to WordPress and register for an account. You can register without creating a blog. There is that option. Let me know if you run into problems.

This is the post where I first launched this private blog. Hope people will be interested so that my upgrade does not go to waste!!! :)

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