Ok so I’m a cheesy kind of person – I’ll admit to it. HMPH! This episode was another heartwarming one. Short, simple and sweet. Now that Haruka’s friends were free from the spirits, there was really no longer a reason for Haruka to hang around Saitou but in his absence she feels a bit restless and even admits it to her boss at work – oh sorry she meant her “friend” felt that way about a guy. *rolls eyes* The same old trick used over and over again. hahaha

While Haruka is at one of the fox temples nearby (there’s two in the town, one on the east and the other on the west), she bumps into an old man that’s in a wheel chair. His company has been trying to demolish one of the temples and move it alongside the other. The reason he wants to do this is because back during his younger days, he had planned to elope with a young lady but as the wrong instructions were given, they missed each other. One ended up waiting at the east shrine and the other at the west one. The man new he had made a mistake but he refused to make the move to go meet her. The girl soon married another but died shortly because of tuberculosis. The man is now at an old age with little time left. He has carried this burden/regret all his life and his final wish is for the two shrines to be next to each other. He feels that she has not forgiven him.

Saitou tells him otherwise.

Her soul is still waiting.

There is a heartwarming moment as the man sees the spirit of his lover and with her wish now granted, her soul can rest in peace. The story is not all that amazing but it was nicely put together and accompanied with a gentle and moving soundtrack. *thumbs up*

The episodes ends again with a brief flash to some dodgy people who seems to dabble into some spirit play. The woman says “these girls fit the criteria for being the container of your daughter’s soul”. O_O Sounds kind of scary!!!! X_X