Warnings: Spoilers ahead!! (after 1st paragraph)

This is a detective/mystery anime cross supernatural. ^^ Not a bad combo! The quality of the art is pretty damn good so my first impression is pretty good. So far in episode 1, there appears to be two main characters: Yakumo Saitou and Haruka Osawa. Saitou is a quiet stand off-ish kind of guy and understandably so! His left eye is a blood shot red which he normally hides with a contact lens. This eye enables him to see the spirits of the dead and talk to them. That’s about as far as his “powers” go. Then there’s Osawa – seems like an ordinary high school girl but we find out a bit more of her background later.

Osawa rocks up to find Saitou and seeks his help as she’s heard that he’s familiar with the supernatural. Apparently a short while ago, Osawa and her friends trespassed into the forbidden old school grounds because of a dare. It’s a creepy place and they all left in fear basically. Soon after, one of the girls, Miki, seems to be possessed and is taken to the hospital. Her health is growing weaker by the day and Osawa is hoping that Saitou can help. Although he has no ability to drive out the spirits, he can talk to them and understand why they are hassling Miki. When he arrives, he sees these eery faces of a few girls possessing Miki. It appears that these girls have been murdered. Given the spirits were form the old school house, then it means they must have been murdered there or that is the place where their body rests.

To cut the story short, he works out who had killed the girls and by having him arrested, the idea is that the spirits will then rest in peace and leave the one they have possessed. The story so far is all nice and dandy but the twist that I really liked is how he helped undo the guilt in Osawa as she has blamed herself since the day her onee-chan died. The two had been playing a ball game but the sister was killed by a truck as she ran to pick up the ball. Saitou could see the sister’s spirit who had told him of the guilt that Osawa carried. This last bit was touching as Osawa finally had the chance to embrace her sister and hear for herself that her sister does not blame her. This is definitely worth watching! (as long as you’re not too scared by the supernatural)