I’m speedily catching up on K-ON!! Well maybe not speedily but I am trying!! Episode 21 was so cute!! Reminds me of when I was in school!! hahaha The hair!! The hair!! Everyone would be fixing it before the school photos. hahaha Yes I went to a girls’ school! OMG when she accidentally cut off that fringe I almost forgot to breathe!!! hahahaha I was like “OH NOOOOOOO!!!!” Must say that Yui looks much better WITH a fringe!!! X_X

Episode 22 was a bagful of cuteness overload but a touch of sadness. The K-ON! gang is studying for their entrance exams and Yui is struggling!! haha The bit where she rocked up onto the platform holding her head “OH no!! Some bits fell out of my head!!!” (she’s referring to her cramming!! -_-) They all looked so cuddly with their scarves!! Now I can’t wait for winter to come!! The episode was a touch sad as well as Azunyan realised that her seniors will be leaving soon. Awwwww I almost cried!!! I don’t want to K-ON! to end!!!

Maybe I should hold off and not watch the next couple of episodes…