This is one of my favourite episodes so far!! Although I’m behind in progress and typically I’ll cover more than episode in the post, this episode deserves its own!! It’s still the school festival and finally it’s the K-ON! gang’s turn to perform!!! YAY!!!

I was hoping they would perform a new song  – the one that Yui wrote the lyrics of with Ui in mind. The lyrics are really sweet and I’m glad the melody of the song is great too!! I was a bit worried they might throw in a crazy song like the opening theme (just in case I haven’t made it clear  – I don’t like the OP!!!)!! PHEW!!!

The ending of this episode is a prelude to the ending to come. The girls are reminiscing the wonderful performance they achieved and as they talk about future performances, they eventually come to the point when they will be graduating from the school soon. *TEARS in EVERYONE’S EYES* Everyone is teary…oh! No I mean “sweaty” (hahaha) except for Azunyan who is strong and comforts the rest of them. Awwww so cute!! *sigh* I don’t want K-ON! to end!!!!! :(