OMG!!!  This one shot was SOOOOO CUTE!!! Nothing dodgy at all and to be honest, I was quite confused during the first 5 pages or so but persevere!!! The ending is SUPER SQUEAL-WORTHY!! My favourites pages were 8, 24 and 25!!! **SQUEEEEAAAAL!!!**

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to k1y0 who pointed this one out to me!!! Too good to be missed!!! The story is simple yet sweet and the character designs are very attractive too. *BEAM* Hmm…who is the mangaka…maybe I should hunt down all their works!!! hahaha MUST READ HERE!! Luckily we have Zefiberyl Translations!! I’m subscribing their RSS going forward so that I can pick up on their works ASAP!!!

Btw, the first time I saw the name, I thought it said “onigiri”!! HAHAHAHA If you don’t know what it is, do a quick google!! hahah You’ll get a bit of laugh I think!! Also, one final thing, apparently it’s unclear whether this is just a one-shot or could have further chapters…let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!!