I’m a bit behind with K-ON!! at the moment. I’m only up to episode 17. The problem with K-ON!! is that while it’s all sweet to watch, there is no suspense. I have no urge to watch the next episode unlike HOTD where I’m dying to find out what’s happening next or Occult Academy cos I’m DYING for it to become interesting. With K-ON!! I know what will be coming up. Not to worry though! I will catchup!! It’s too good to be missed. I’ve just been busy with work etc and I’m a little hooked on Detective Conan. hahahaha It’s available on Anime Online Database. I watched it when I was young so when I realised it’s available online I got a bit excited! hahaha Don’t expect much if you do decide to check it out!! LOL

Anyway, back to K-ON!!…hmm…what happens in these two episodes!?! I can barely remember!! Oh wait! In episode 15 they lose their club room so go about looking for a place to practice in prep for their school festival (I think this will be a highlight – I’m looking forward to that episode). Those guys get SERIOUSLY distracted and hardly do any practising!!! TSK TSK TSK!!!

In episode 16, Ui is SICK so poor Yui is a tad stressed out trying to look after her little imouto!!! Awwww!! I deliberately included the bottom middle pic!! HAHAHA Mio’s hugging a turtle plushie!!!! AWWWW!! Now I feel like buying one!! hahaha

Ok…I should start a bit of work…oops! it’s late already! hahaha I’ll have to leave it for tomorrow. ^_^