The first 5 minutes of this episode was like the continuation of last week’s BOOB FEST!! But this time add some beads of sweat on top…!!! DODGY!!! Guess the zombies have chomped thru the wires so there’s no AC available!! hahaha (sad joke sad joke) :P

Dr. Boing Boing fails to comprehend that one should generally be clothed when around other people!!!

No wonder I was feeling cold!!!

*rolls eyes* Let’s hope she adds some value some time down the track!!

The gang is meant to be getting a restful night but while Hirano is on watch, he sees a father and daughter running for safety at a nearby house but is rejected by those inside. To make it worse, when the father threatens to break down the door, the family opens up but stabs him in the torso. Hirano and Komuro cannot bear to see a little girl killed by the ruthless zombies so decides to go and save her.

The fighting scene was pretty dramatic!! The thought of walking on a ledge with a sea of zombies just below you is super scary and nerve racking!! I was almost biting onto my pillow as I watched that bit! Like any second and there could be a creepy hand ready to grab Komuro’s foot!!! Luckily he made it and was rescued by the rest of the gang!! ^_^ and yes your eyes have not gone whacked. Saeko is still in her thong and apron!!! X_X This anime is a quirky combo of suspense, horror, thriller will bits of ecchi through out!!! Hahaha it’s worth watching!!