This OVA did NOT waste any time at ALL!! I just loaded the video and was ready to sit back and relax and what is the first thing I see?!?!!

*covers the eyes of all minors*

This anime is surely for the 18+ only. *nod nod* Although we spend almost 95% of the time watching Rei and Mai getting “up close and personal”, it is done all very tastefully and quite sweet. I do wish that I had a bit more background on how they became a couple. I feel that I have missed out!!! :( That’s it! Karkar and Ninnypanties!! You two have to give me a half page summary on the Rei and Mai arc!!!

For those yuri fans out there that are 18 and over, this is worth watching but please take care that you have privacy for about 20 minutes. It gets a tad H-O-T! hahahaha

I completely cracked up when I saw this scene:

HAHAHAHAHAHA Teenagers with raging hormones… :P Well in my opinion, this is better than Shoujo Sect!! Character designs are pretty too!!!

So does anyone know when the next OVA is out? Have they made an announcement yet??