This episode introduces a funky new character into the picture. She’s Dr. Boing-Boing’s friend!!! She has long wavy purple hair and is one of the best snipers around. YEAH! Sounds pretty kakkoi to me!! Oh and she ALSO carries some sizeable assets.  I guess like attracts like!! hahaha I approve this character!!! ^_^

Circumstances are getting chaotic in the city. All the bridges are blocked which prevents the bus from reaching to the otherside of the river where they are meant to meet up with Takashi and Rei. Although it seemed kind of dumb to ditch the bus, I’m glad we got away from that nutcase teacher. He’s WHACKED!! Anyway, the gang eventually REUNITES!!!! YAY!!!

There seems to be no immediate solution of getting cross the river so they take up Dr. Boing Boing’s offer to crash at her friend’s place – but not without a fight. There are zombies in the bloody building!! ARGH!!! Luckily they all can fight a bit AND the “friend” has a kick ass military type truck! Perfect for running over zombies. hahaha

I’m enjoying this anime quite a bit…this continues to surprise me…anyone know how many more episodes we have coming!?!