After that draggy episode 3, the story picks back up the speed in episode 4. Fumiaki finds Maya in an underground cave and there they find the missing student but they’re in the nest of the flying monster!! Anyone beside me thought of ALIENS!?! haha Was it in Alien 3 where Sigourney Weaver saves the little girl and looks up to find herself in the heart of the alien’s nest!?! That was such a COPY of that scene!!! hahaha Not that I mind but just thought it was kind of amusing. Anyway, that loser Fumiaki guy pees in his pants and speeds out of the cave leaving behind Maya and the unconscious student. Luckily we have weird Frankenstein’s brother (the guy with the metal rods) and a worker with Hulk-like muscle power that carries with him a MASSIVE spanner. They save the day by bashing the daylights out of those moths. The thing that REALLY annoys me is how he lies to the girl saying that he saved the day!!! *SCOFF* *THROWS UP*

Episode 5 was a tad disappointing again…*sigh* what’s with this anime?! It seems to lack a consistent flow of suspense in its story!! It has seriously been downhill since episode 3…such a disappointment.