A number of people have been telling me to read Hotei-san x Ebi-san, especially Viridian!!!

I have finally read it and it was worth my time but I wouldn’t call it a must read. There are some flaws which I’ll explain later – but it embodies the key elements that I look for in my mainstream yuri manga: pleasant character designs, a decent storylie (everyday normal life is fine with me – the more real it is the better) sweet yuri moments, squeal worthy moments and kyaaaaaaa moments….hahaha I think u get the idea.

The story focuses on Hotei and Ebisu who are colleagues. This is a plus for me. I don’t mind high school characters but seeing adults in a yuri relationship is more interesting in my opinion. They’re also rare to find! Hotei basically goes from disliking Ebi-san to falling in love with her. Ebi-san is portrayed as a cold but smart character who insists no overtime. People are jealous of her and are nasty but gradually the story peals away the outer layer of her character.

So I mentioned flaws before – what are they? The character designs are attractive enough but appears to be too young for what they should be. The story also has moments of where the character undergoes “self-realization” and has those narrator like text boxes. Rather than identifying them with the character, I’m not quite convinced. This is done much better in other manga such as Aoi Hana (at least in the earlier chapters) and Girl Friends (it was flawless here!!).

The manga is not finished yet and is still being scanlated by Lililicious. I’m going to keep reading this one! Thanks Lililicious for the hard work!! Arigatou!