It’s not about the last samurai…it’s about the last M-OH-CHI (as Sapphire Onee-chan says it ^_^)!!!! HAHAHAHA It was a hilarious episode!!! I laughed SO MUCH on the last bit of the episode!

The K-ON! gang is faced with one of their biggest challenges yet!!! The school marathon!! hahaha Yui tries to make teru teru bozu to call on a shower but the sun shines high and bright!! TOO BAD!!! Off they start jogging. They try to jog at a beat and sing but Yui forgets the words!! hahaha I love how Ri-chan said “just say lululu when you forget”! hahahaha To be honest, why would you even jog and sing at the same time!!! I’d probably have an asthma attack!!! hahahaha

So Yui is struggling big time…until she realises some catastrophic news…she took one mochi from the school supplies so it must mean that they will be short on ONE!!! The last person to finish will not get a mochi!!!!! OMG!!!!  That’s enough to draw on that hidden strength!! hahaha this bit hear was just a HUGE crack up!!!! HAHAHAHA And to top it off we have a lovely dramatic but elegant finish from Mio that obviously just brings her BUCKETS of ATTENTION!!!! AHAHAHAHAHHA