Seriously, when I’m watching this anime, I feel like I’m watching a horror zombie movie at the cinemas!! I’m like on the edge of my seat and have my pillow covering half my face! I still don’t know why but the feelings of terror and fear seems stronger here than in some other zombie movie I’ve seen. So I’m not a zombie movie expert but to put it simply, I’m impressed!! Still impressed!

I like the sense of unity and how they work together as a team. Each has a skill to offer. It kind of gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I see people helping each other and working towards a common goal. hahahah Strange, I know!!! I KNEW it was the wrong decision when that other bunch of students and that crazy teacher got on board!!! AAAAAAAAAH!!! They would have worked so much better on their own!!! When Rei and Takashi got out of the bus I was like NOOOOOOO!!! Kick THEM out!! Not yourselves!!!!

I hope they find their way back with the rest of the gang! PLEEEEEASE!!! But the preview of the next episode looks…. X_X I HATE it when girls/women are put into vulnerable situations!!!! *COVERS EYES and EARS for that bit*