This episode was pretty scaaary!!!! >_< I’ll explain later…it was near the end of the episode.

So taking off from the end of episode 1, our two leads meet for the first time – and it’s not a friendly one!!! hahaha Uchida, the guy, explains that he is a time agent sent from the future. He explains that aliens attacked Earth and much of civilization has been wiped out. The idea is that the Nostradamus prediction that the world will end in 2012 came true. Luckily, those that survived picked up on some alien technology that allows them to travel back in time.  He’s traveling back in time to 1999 to prevent this from happening. He has to find “Nostradamus’ key” which is said to be on the school grounds. Maya at first does not believe him.

Maya now is the Headmistress of Occult Academy and resides in the same building as his father. While she was showering (handy!) she senses someone. This is the bit that is freaky! There are shadows, footsteps, bloody messages and eventually we do get a brief look at Mr. Invisible Monster. OMG! The bit where footsteps appear on the back of Uchiru freaked me out!!!! >_<

While the two was being attacked by the monster, they are saved by this blinding gold light and it turns out to be Maya’s father’s diary. The book has been filled with spells that are design to protect Maya. Her father says that he has spent his years researching into the Nostradamus prophecies and he discovered that they can be stopped if you can find and destroy the “key”. He has been doing this but apparently there are some bad guys around that doesn’t like his work and are trying to kill him. “If you see this diary, it will mean they have achieved their purpose.” Maya finally believes Uchiru and agrees to cooperate and together they will both find the key and who killed her father.


WOAH! That took me a while to explain!!! This is getting a bit interesting especially when they’ve thrown in the idea of Nostradamus. Just the other day, someone at work was talking about the world ending in 2012!! *raised brow* Hmm…