This is basically the typical horror zombie movie (I mean, anime) that is set at the highschool. Well it’s actually better than how that sums up..Surprisingly! I didn’t have much expectations on this which explains why I didn’t even mention watching it beforehand but so far I’m impressed! It’s scary (the gore and suspense of the zombies attacking) and for some reason I feel that the characters’ expression of fear is expressed quite vividly. When I was watching it, I found myself a little scared and could just imagine that I’d be pissing in my pants!!! hahhaha Oops! A bit crude! :P

Two episodes in, there are a handful of survivors in the high school:

  • Takashi – he’s in the middle picture behind the girl, Rei. He’s in love with Rei but as her boyfriend was bitten by a zombie, he had to kill him. After reconciling with Rei they both stick together to fight their way out of this mess. His weapon is a baseball bat.
  • Rei – part of the martial arts spear club, this girl can fight! She’s known Takashi as a kid. She’s voiced by Marina Inoue who was Natsuru in Kampfer!
  • Saeko – I call her the kick ass version of Sachiko!! hahahaha Don’t you reckon? She’s really strong at kendo so can definitely keep those bloody zombies at bay. She’s voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro who was Canaan!!! OMG! I only just realised!!!
  • Saya – not that likeable, she claims to be a genius – she’s quite smart but modesty, girl!!

There’s two more…but they’re not that important and I’m getting tired!! One is Kohta who is a chubby guy who is a bit pansy but turns out to be good with guns! He provides the much needed comic relief in this anime – which explains why I’ve screenshot him so many times!!! haha Last of all is Shizuka – the blonde school doctor who so happens to have very well endowed…assets…I guess she provides comic relief too but kind of annoying!!!

This one is worth watching!!