This episode was all about Mugi!! Her and her desire to be hit! hahahahaha Ritsu tries to teach her how to act silly and be hit by others but no-one wants to hit Mugi!!! She’s too precious and delicate!!! hahaha It was a cute episode in any case and I have one question to ask you:

Do you agree with Yui that the strawberry on top of the cake is the heart and soul of the cake?!?

hahahaha Azunyan’s expression was priceless!! I must admit though that it would make more sense to me to take a stab at the cake rather than the strawberry on top. If someone took my strawberry I’d give them a raise brow!!!

Mugi eventually gets conked on the head by Ritsu. hehehe The bandaid on her forehead is kind a cute! It’s like someone’s showing off a scar that they got from some massive fight!!! LOL

But what interests me more in this episode was the new ending theme song!!!! Forget about the new opening which just SUCKS! the ending theme is cool and best of all the K-ON! gang looks like they’re a bit rebellious!!! Mio with her purple hoodie jacket (now I need to get one too!! hehehehe) and Mio with her open collar and loose tie. *whistle* The rest looked pretty cool too in particular Ritsu! I could barely recognise her!!! I LIKE IT!!!

Let me go find a copy of the ending theme song… Oh and I forgot to mention the beginning!! Ritsu’s prank on Mio is HILARIOUS!!! So what colour panties are YOU wearing!!! I’M KIDDING!!!  hahahahaha

ONE LAST LAST THING…when I was watching this episode, I realised that I can never see a strawberry cake in the same way…if you don’t know that I mean then this should explain itself…