I finally got around to watching the last two episodes of Hard to Say I Love You!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

So at the end of episode, I was adamant that Rinda was gone for good, but guess what!?! He survives!!! FOR ONE more episode and then he karks it. I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic but if you make him survive then don’t kill him off shortly afterwards!?! Aaaaaah!!! Scriptwriter-san is irritating me here!! She cheats of us our tears in episode 9 when he dies and repeats it again. *sigh* And I fell for it.

Particularly in the scenes where each of the characters are reading the message that Rinda left them…that was when my tears refused to stay still in my eyes and decided to overflow…those were sad moments clearly, but it was sad to me because it made me think what it would be like to lose someone close to me. Anyway, let’s move away from such a heavy topic.

The ending was very much as I expected. No surprises really. Overall the drama was a bit of a disappointment in my eyes. Story was a bit too melodramatic at times, issues/stories left unresolved (like I don’t see why they bothered with mentioning Nakaji’s father’s illness and his relationship with Haru’s mum), Juri’s character was not impressive and it just basically toyed with us too much!!! The only bit I really enjoyed was the music!! I LOVED the OST! I think I will have to rush out and buy the OST of The Holiday which is where most of the instrumental tracks are taken from. All in all, overall a bit of a disappointment.

Btw, did anyone notice Nakaji’s tan in the last scene!?!? CRACKED ME UP!!! hahahaha