Interesting…it’s the first time I’ve watched an anime of this genre…what kind of genre? Horror…supernatural and it looks like there is some whacky comedy thrown in for good measure. I didn’t expect the comedy aspect but in episode 1 you get to see the lead character, Maya, making a few silly faces. She looks pretty cool and can definitely kick some arse!! Hahaha Best of all, she’s voiced by Youko Hikasa , Mio from K-ON!! *BEAM* Oh and the art was quite impressive. Nice!

So in episode one the first thing we see is a time travelling agent that is killed by some humongous bat looking monster and doesn’t make it back to “base” – well except for his hand…hahaha apparently he’s the 5th one and they only have one left – guess that must be our lucky male lead. ^_^

So Maya is the daughter In the last few minutes we see a man coming down from down the golden clouds…he descends in a foetal position – kind of reminds me of the Terminator!! hahahahaha He’s pretty decent looking and conveniently isn’t dressed. LOL Must be the speed at which he travels!!

OOoh la la!! Maya looks a tad surprised!! hahaha I think the interaction between the two will be quite interesting! I’m looking forward to see what unravels!! I’ll be watching!!

Btw, looks like there are some dodgy characters back at the school…