Thanks to k1y0 for recommending this manga!!! I’m not sure how I missed this one but it looks like it’s not from one of the major scanlation houses like Lililicious, Dynasty Scans or Tranquil Spring. Luckily I have a good network of online yuri buddies who keep me in the loop!!! ^_^

My keywords to describe this manga?

  • Super squeal-worthy!!! I don’t know how many times I squealed into my pillow!!!
  • Sweet yuri with the right amount of dodginess. *BEAM*
  • The story seems pretty real.
  • And WHY does the story sound real!? Cos it’s based on a true experience!!!!!

OMG!! YES!! I’m not lying!! Basically the story is about Medley who is infatuated with a girl at school, Husky (awwww cute name!!). She’s uncertain about whether to make her feelings known so consults those on 2chan. Finally through their encouragement she approaches Husky. They go from being classmates to something more…It’s SUPER sweet!!!!  The 7 chapters is VERY much worth your time!!! Must read for any YURI fans!!

There are more details and available for download over at reekygants. Must thank her for bringing this to our attention!!!

There are heaps of cute parts in this manga but this is one of the earlier scenes (in chapter 2 actually) where it made my heart jump a bit…let me know what you think!!!!