We finally get to see more on the past of Sawa-chan. I actually really appreciate how they dedicated one episode to her. I mean, she adds a lot of fun with her outfits for the gang and her “I’m-going-to-be-a-role-model-teacher-but-is-craving-to-tea-party” attitude but I want to know about HER as a person.

In this episode, the K-ON! gang secretly follows the suspicious looking Sawa-chan. Hehehe the gang is pretty funny!! Mugi is all into the detective game of course. They manage to stay outside of Sawa-chan’s eyes but her friend spots them. They’ve been tasked to persuade Sawa-chan to play as part of the Death Devils in one of their friend’s wedding!!! Of course she initially said no…

The K-ON! gang tried to “re-enact” the Death Devils!!! HILARIOUS!!! LOOK at YUI!!! hahahaha Ritsu, Mio, Mugi and Azunyan!!! hahahahaha It was pretty cool when Sawa-chan was too overwhelmed and eventually took the stage and strummed and sang the RAWR-ING spirit of the band. ^_^ She’s pretty gakkoi!!! hahahaha ::swoons::’

I particularly liked this episode for another reason. I liked how the ending of briefly showed snapshots of how she was like in highschool. I have a soft spot with flashbacks especially when it’s school related. It was also kind of touching to see how some people are able to find and enjoy their passion. If you have a passion, you should continue to pursue it. Don’t lose it in the name of work. Work is just their to provide us with a pay cheque at the end of the day (in my opinion you’re lucky not to hate your work) so we need to find true fulfillment elsewhere!! I found mine! It’s called Y-U-R-I! ^_____^