There is no doubt that Angel Beats is a pretty unique anime in terms of the plot. We finally get told some idea on what this “world” is about BUT…I listened to that weird guy (the one with the big heart behind him) TWICE and I still don’t fully get it!! O_O I think the unfolding of the mystery was too abrupt and not explained too well. It’s a pity really. There was potential to this anime.

With only ONE episode to go, how will it all pan out!?! The ONE thing that I am still very curious about is Kanade’s past. She’s there like the others – because she could not have a fulfilling life as a youth. Will we get a chance to hear her story? Will we get an unfinished ending!?! O_O I HOPE NOT!!!

Oh and I think Kanade is very cute!!!!! ^_________^ I like Yurippe too. :)