I was waiting to see another touching story after Yui’s experience but out of nowhere we start seeing these scary shadows that appear out of nowhere and consumes people from the “We’re not dead yet” team (whatever their name is). They seem hard to kill and once you are consumed by them, you appear again the next day but as a dutiful NPC i.e. as they say in the anime, you lose your soul. O_O

After the appearance of these shadows, Yurippe calls upon all the non-NPC guys and tells them to make a choice. Either listen to Otonashi and leave on your own with no regrets or stay back at risk of being consumed by the shadows. The shadows are multiplying too and it seems that they are a transformation from the NPCs. Yurippe suspects someone is hacking this world and goes off on her own to find the culprit…

I am seriously blown away by the creativity of this anime…it’s not super great but it’s one of those rare animes that make you think…I LOVE the OST too. I think I will buy it!!! ^_^