What the heck is wrong with this drama?!? It’s becoming a love pentagon!!! O_O

  1. Nakaji
  2. Rinda
  3. Peach
  4. Haru
  5. Doctor

This is getting way too complicated and the scriptwriter has intertwined misunderstandings here and there. Frustrating!!

So off the back of episode 6, just when we had questions of whether Haru will cheat on Doctor and my instincts were right!! She is trying to put her heart into her relationship with Doctor (the fact she has to try is kind of wrong) and I was quite touched at what she said to Doctor – how he has been the one that has appreciated her the most thus far. I’m also glad Doctor was honest about his lie!!! So wrong!!! I would have been angrier had I been Haru. Doctor was also annoying me a bit at the beginning – I can’t stand However, ultimately I don’t feel like this relationship is ideal at all as it isn’t based on mutual genuine feelings for each other. Having said that, i’m not saying that it won’t “work” – people get together for various reasons in reality but given this is a TV drama, you would hope that they’d give us somethng more satisfying!!! Anyway, Nakaji and Haru were kind of messed up already to start with but then add Peach to the mix and it’s really starting to give me a headache!!! Thank god Nakaji and Peach didn’t sleep together at the end of episode 7!!! I was like “Nooooooo!!!”!! Btw I give a little bit of credit to Peach for asking Haru whether it was really ok for her to fall in love with Nakaji.

In episode 8, for a second I thought Nakaji was finally going to be honest about his feelings but NO!! He did get a massive shove from Haru though! GO HARU!!! Things get REALLY crazy here! Rinda is just a SAD case! Seriously, he’s crazy to be doing that for Nakaji! X_X I can imagine how painful he must have felt when Nakaji asked whether there was something going on between the Editor and him. ::cries:: He should either come out and confess his feelings for Nakaji (not a good move since Nakaji does not seem at all gay) or just forever be quiet and be his long time friend. *sigh*

Like these two episodes were not already testing my heart, they leave us with a MASSIVE cliffhanger at the end of episode 8!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! HARU!!! DON’T DO IT!!!! >_<