I have been SUPER busy as of late!!! Gomen!! As a result I’ve had to do bulk reviews of episodes in one go. Angel Beats! is one of those anime. Of course, I think my tracking of K-ON!! is quite good so far – though I admit I skipped ONE episode .*sigh*

Anyway, Angel Beats! is an interesting anime. On the face it looks like an action anime with maybe a sprinkle of supernatural but look deeper and the stories in it come and tug at your heart strings!! >_< I’ll elaborate in more detail later but let’s quickly highlight what happened in episode 8 & 9.

Just when we thought everything was happy days in episode 7, they come and shock us with a double Tenshi – one that will not hesitate to kill. Uh oh. To make it worse, there’s TONNES of them!!! The clone ability was developed by the original (now kindhearted) Tenshi and until she activates her ‘Harmonics’ power, the clones will continue to exist. The clones are smart too and hides her in the old Guild area. The “We-Are-Not-Dead-Yet” team (or whatever their name is) is lured into this trap and one by one are killed. This anime seriously is not hesitant in killing off the characters but then I guess they will come back to life. STILL!

Moving on…the battle is eventually over and we’re left with one friendly Tenshi. Through his own past (geez!! Could they make it any sadder!!!!!! I was close to tears!!!!!), Otonashi realises that this “place” they’re in is really a world for them to live out the dreams that they couldn’t achieve when they were alive. I like this idea. I wish there was a really a place like this. It’s like giving these people a second chance in life. *what a sad and sombre storyline!!!!*

Realising this, Otonashi is keen to help the others fulfill their dreams and leave this place with peace in them. He secretly seeks Tenshi’s help to carry out this plan – his first target is Yui. Again, another sad story. When it was finally down to fulfilling her last dream, marriage, I honestly thought it was a dead end but Hinata suddenly appeared. He expresses his love for her and says he would marry her had he met her in real life. He pushes aside the fact that in reality she was paralysed. His words were so touching. I honestly had tears in my eyes and even writing about it now, it’s starting to bring them back. NO! DA-ME!!

This is a touching anime although it is very much weighted towards heart-rending stories. The music and lyrics within also follow suit. With only 3 more episodes to go, I wonder how it will end?