Another super cute episode!! This time it’s on the cutest pair in the group!!! Azunyan x YUI!!! LOL That duo makes a hilarious pair! I love how Yui adores Azunyan so much!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

For the first time ever, Yui is determined to study hard and play (her guitar) hard!! I love how Ritsu was squashing her face early in the episode!! hahaha Kind hearted Yui, promised the gentle old lady that lives next door to perform in the local talent show. Originally the idea was to go solo but the sweet Azunyan, who clearly adores Yui but refuses to admit it, puts her hand up to join her!! Awwww!!!

Yui gives her one hell of a MASSIVE SQUEEEEEEZE!!! The way Azunyan “manages” Yui is hilarious!!! I CRACKED up MAJORLY when Yui was caught drawing a super cute picture of Azunyan while she was meant to be studying in the library. hehehehe Can’t really blame her!! If it was me, I’d be drawing Sapphire Onee-chan!! HAHAHAHA!! :P

Like the two of them weren’t cute enough already, they topped it off by making them wear this kawaii red kimono!!! AWWWWWW!!! Yui and Azunyan even did a bit of a comedy show!!! haahaha I want one of the fan slapper things!!!! hahahaha Overall another really funny episode!!! Love these guys to bits!!!!

Oh and almost forgot to mention, it was kind of cute when Ritsu got a tad jealous when Mio refused to partner with her for the next performance!!!! HAhahahahaha Awwwww!!!