So, Sapphire-oneechan and I were discussing whether Haru will cheat on Doctor. My initial reaction was no (maybe it’s because we’re talking about Juri here!!) but then on further thinking, what she is doing is very much treading on cheating. She and Nakaji has agreed to keep quiet that the two had gone to the zoo. BAD MOVE!!! If this had not happened and they were open and honest about this then to me they would still very much be on the “just friends” side of the fence. I agree with Sapphire-oneechan that she’s very much on the verge, if not already, emotionally cheating on Doctor.

So back to my question, my definition for cheat in the context of this post is cheating in a physical sense – even just a kiss. So who thinks she will cheat? And do you agree she’s already having an emotional affair (sounds a tad harsh…)?

Depending on how much interest this draws, I might throw in a prize!! hahaha I might have to randomly draw on the group of people who gets this right. How about the single for the main theme? I loooooove that song!!!