*sigh* Haru made a BAAAAAAAD decision!! She cannot force herself to like someone just because they saved her life! Especially if she’s still harbouring strong feelings for Nakaji!!! Aaaaaah!! But then it’s never that easy in reality. Doctor is very cute!! When she asked how come he was so silly in just grabbing the knife, he says:

That’s because I was only thinking of you

Awwww!! I don’t want this poor guy to be hurt but I must admit that I’m rooting for Haru x Nakaji. I’ll explain myself a bit more later. I also went “awwww” again when he was going to dash out to buy canned tuna for the hot pot but deliberately went back to Haru and said to her (his eyes looking straight at hers):

I’ll be back soon.

His pure feelings for Haru is all warm and fuzzy!!! If only she could return the feelings…

Nakaji on the otherhand is going through a rough time too…Kiriko-san has asked to break up with him as her husband knows of their affair. When he asked her why did she had the relationship him if she never intended to be together, I can’t believe she said:

To have one person loving me was too boring…are you ok?

I was completely jaw-dropped!!! O_O I would have shoved her out the door if I was him!! But then he was naive to believe she would ever give up her luxurious lifestyle for him. *sigh* Poor guy.

Haru tries to talk to Doctor about Matsushima-kun about how he wants to start over again – she’s supportive. Doctor’s view is strong and doesn’t think she should stay in contact with him. Drug users are trash, in his view. To make things worse, it turns out that Haru’s brother used to be a drug user and had to be sent to rehab. It’s not explicitly stated but Haru is obviously concerned that Doctor would look down on her having a brother like that. Haru ends up seeking comfort from Nakaji who knows she’s a bit scared of going back to the school to teach and is also understanding/supportive of her approach towards Matsushima-kun. *sigh* I mean, she should be going to Doctor but…

Anyway, the last 10 minutes is pretty touching!!! They’re saying things maybe a bit more than what a friend should say!!! Tsk tsk tsk!! But the conversation is cute and sweet nevertheless.

Sore wa ike nai!!!

I’ve leave a space for you…

How big (is the space? hahaha)?

As much as I can give you (something like that)

The (time) period is unlimited.


Haru should just stop seeing Doctor and be with Nakaji!!!!