This episode was another massive AWWW session!! I took so many screenshots!!! hahaha Yui an Nodoka are cute as babies and the younger Mio and Ritsu is SUPER SQUEAL WORTHY!!! hahahaha Oh I just wish I could see Mugi and Azunyan!!!

Now back to the actual story! Everyone is helping Yui and Ritsu work out what they want to study or become and it’s HARD!!! hahahaha The two of them are like the Two Muskateers!! hahahaha I think a professional musician is probably the best way to go for those two.

We also got to see the sweet and less crazy side of Ritsu! The bit where she’s helping Mio overcome her fear to read out her essay to the class is cute! How she takes off her headband and ties her hair up like a pineapple!! ahahahaha What a great friend!!! Friends like that are priceless. I’m lucky to have had a similar experience myself (although it wasn’t to do with doing a speech!!).

How many more episodes do we have left?!?! ::cries::