Ok so Nakaji was such @RSE in episode 3!!! (sorry guys I’m playing catchup here!!!) But it turns out that he was intending to go back and check on Haru. Too bad!!! Doctor was already there with his bunch of tulips!!! (love tulips btw!! So pretty!!) Perfect or bad timing – you decide. Poor Haru – it doesn’t stop her from still holding feelings for Nakaji. Oh and we are now 101% sure that Linda is definitely GAY!!! And we see it more in episode 5!!! X_X OMG!! Can’t believe he did that!!!! AAAAAAAAAH!!!! *erase memory from mind* His feelings for Nakaji is almost too intense for me to handle.

In episode 5, things really stepped up! Before I cut straight to the exciting bit, let me just mention that I thought Doctor’s little sister was so cute to come find her brother!!! hahahaha Throwing a little tantrum too!! ^_^ Haru also looked quite pretty with her hair tired up in the black jacket with white detail. Last bit of the episode was where my heartbeat started to quicken. I was like, “OMG!! Who’s going to find her first!?!?!” For some reason I was expecting Nakaji to make it there first but…I also almost lost my voice when Doctor stepped up and held that knife! I was like “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! >_<” *COVERS EYES*

Must say that Doctor really tried his very best to protect Haru. Full marks for that. At first I did think that Haru was a bit stupid to follow the boys up to the rooftop but at the same time I admired her courage (albeit maybe not the smartest execution ever) to protect her students out of the goodness of her heart. A bit stupid but admirable to some degree.

Can’t wait to watch episode 6!! The guys over at D-Addicts are constantly discussing this – if you are interested, go check them out!! I don’t have time otherwise I’d be over there!!!