This was such a cute episode!!! It’s all about Yui and her “GI-TAH”!!! As they say in the episode, she’s completely in love with Gitah!! She tries to keep him from the rain on the way to school but is drenched herself!! The whole gang dries her up and when wrapped with just a cloth she says:

It’s so embarrassing to have Gitah see me like this.

LOL!!! No super crazy laughing roll around in bed moments, but a very entertaining episode nevertheless!!

Sapphire Onee-chan thinks there were a lot of innuendos and overall a bit of a naughty/suggestive episode!! I’m like, “REally!?!”… makes me wonder…maybe I do have quite a…umm….innocent mind?! :P HAHAHAHA KIDDING!!!

Yui can look so sweet when she’s hugging her guitar!!!! *BEAM*

Sorry guys!! Not much to write on this episode!! I mean, there’s only so much one can go on about a person and a guitar!!!! HAHAHA